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Dana the Lion


Do you run a Swinton based group for children or young adults ? Dance, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts or Cadets for example. If so why not spend a Sunday afternoon at Heywood Road, Sale, the temporary home of Swinton Lions Rugby League Club. Your group could be mascots or flag bearers at the start of the game and then stay and watch the rugby match. We can offer entry at just £5 each for up to 2 adults accompanying a child mascot or flag bearer. We want to get our local community involved in our match day experience.Guaranteed a great experience for the whole family. Please contact tracey.swintonlions@yahoo.com if you think this could be for your group.


Membership of the Junior Lions is free and all you have to do is download and get your parents or guardians to complete the form linked here and return to us.

Do you want your photo to appear on this page then please send these to danathelion@hotmail.com or tweet them to @TheSwintonLion or Instagram to Dana_The_Lion.

We are always looking for new mascots at home games and if you want to walk out with the team and your favourite player, then get in touch.

Our Mascots

Here are a selection of photos of our mascots this year in 2018 and a few of myself posing as usual.

Don't forget to come and say hello to me wherever you see me!